About Svetlana Bachevanova

After growing up in Bulgaria, Svetlana Bachevanova moved to the United States seven years ago and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. As a documentary and editorial photographer, Svetlana focuses on social, political changes and conflicts. She is been photojournalist for 18 years. She participated in an illegal democratic movement in communist Bulgaria and documented the entire process of democratic change there, published in a book "The Street".

Her photo essays often focus on human rights and social change such as covering the Muslim and Gipsy minority groups in Bulgaria, the war in Bosnia and Kosovo, the military attempt against the Russian president Boris Eltzin, the Revolution in Romania, and the events prior to the democratic elections in Yugoslavia.

Since the summer of 2001 Svetlana Bachevanova has been working on a several projects - intimate portrayals of people and everyday life in America which explore issues of American culture, religion and political life.

Her most recent work "Brides for Sale" explores the still existing old tradition among the Tinsmiths gypsy clan.

Svetlana's photo essay and news coverage is been published in AP, France Press, Gamma, SIPA, World Picture News, Aurora, Getty Images and magazines and newspapers as Paris Mach, Figaro, Umanite Dimansh, Capital, Marie Clair, W , The New York Times and National Geographic Bulgaria.
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